Lost Aztec Temple Discovered

lost aztec temple

Recently discovered in darkest Melbourne…..a long lost Aztec Temple

The truth is a little less exciting. Actually its an apartment block, just off Punt Road.

It got me wondering whether they have summer barbecues, or human sacrifices!


For more fails and unusual houses go to What the………………….?


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Free Wood

Wood can be the Most Expensive………..or the Cheapest heating available for your new home.

It all depends on your level of commitment.

Most Expensive

Buy firewood at the service station and burn it in an open fire and it could easily cost $20-$30 for a few hours in the evening.


Use a slow combustion [read more…]

What’s on the Nature Strip?

Nature Strip

Don’t forget to have a look at the Footpath and Nature Strip!

Often forgotten but what’s there can affect what you can do with the block, and general livability.

Some of the things that can affect you are:

Place of the Crossover If the driveway crossover isn’t where you want it it can cost you [read more…]

Brick – Fail

Reject Brick - Fail

The other day I saw this garden wall .

It looks like mowing the lawn could be dangerous!

I certainly wouldn’t like to catch my ankle on that sharp piece of brick.

A few years ago a kiln fused brick like this would be called a reject and sent to the tip.

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Want To Know More? . . . . Why not buy ANEWHOUSE Guide? ONLY $4

Rattling or Thumping Pipes – Cures

These cures relate to general rattling or banging when you turn the tap on.

The various reasons for these noises, and their cures are:

Air in Pipes Typically occurs in new systems, or after some plumbing alterations. You need to purge the air from the system. To do this

Start at the lowest tap or [read more…]

Brickwork – Mortar Joints

Mortar Joints

During your Selection or Pre-Start meeting It isn’t just Picking a Brick. You also have to pick a mortar colour and a type of mortar joint.

Mortar Colour

If you have been to a Brick Display Centre check what colour mortar they use in the test wall of the brick you like. This will probably [read more…]