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Spot the Garage

spot the garage

Can you see the garage?

Not just one, but two!

Perhaps this second photo helps

This is a device called a Cardok which I hear is coming to Australia.

Its quite expensive at around $60,000 each, but probably cheaper than having a basement garage with ramp. It also would [read more…]

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Contract Meeting Advice

Contract Meeting (2)

It can seem like an age since you paid the initial deposit for your new house.

You have spent ages going through everything at Selection.

Surely you can just sign the contract and get started?………….That’s what the builder wants,………… but in my opinion you shouldn’t rush this step.

Time To Examine Contract

Most people [read more…]

Types of Fill

compaction roller

You will often find a reference to ‘Fill’ in your Geotechnical Report.

Your site may require ‘Cut and Fill’ to level the site.

Here is a bit of information about the various types of fill:

Ordinary Fill

Ordinary fill is normally excavated material from the site or from a unspecified location. After placement the excavator [read more…]

Hobbit Apartments

hobbit apartments

It’s not in Middle Earth, or even New Zealand, it’s in Florida.

The Building, called the Dune House, is actually two apartments that were designed by William Morgan in 1975.

To find our more including internal photos visit the website.


For more fails and unusual houses go to What the………………….?


by [read more…]

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Improving Soil After A New Build

Test strips

Guest post by David Limburg of Online Garden Design

With most new houses, the garden is often the last aspect of the new build that is considered. Often the soil is left in a terrible state by the construction process. Below we outline how to improve your soil after the builders have gone.

What’s Needed [read more…]

Water Hammer Cures

anti hammer tap valve

If you are getting water hammer in your new house it can be really annoying.

As the problem is caused by fast flowing water being stopped suddenly here are some options to cure it.

Slow the overall speed of flow down

Pressure, which affects the speed of water flow, does vary depending on [read more…]

The Simpson House


Does this house look familiar?

Not sure?….Does this picture help?

Yes, someone has built a real life copy of the Simpson’s House.

For some more photographs see FACTSPY.NET

For more unusual houses go to What the………………….? by [read more…]

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Negative Investment

overdevelopment 2

Negative Investment can be quite a problem…..but what is it.

Well it’s when the house is worth less than you paid for it. This can be a real issue if you need to sell the house.

There are three ways you can find yourself in a Negative Investment Situation:

Falling House Prices

For [read more…]