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Sound Insulation Batts

accoustic batts

Imagine the standard internal stud wall in your new house. A sheet of fairly thin material (plasterboard). An air space retained by timber walls. Another thin sheet of material.

Sounds a bit like a Drum doesn’t it?……………It’s no wonder sound transmits easily from room to room.

If you are having a 2 storey house that [read more…]

Facade Fail 2

plain facade

Think some of the builders facades are a bit plain?…..How about this?

This is another of those crazy Japanese houses.

For more photos of this and to find out more visit Blank White Box on the web site.

For more unusual houses go to What the………………….? by [read more…]



Post inspired by comments from ‘Johnson‘ on the Homeone forum website.

Light is one of the most important thing in a house.

During the day its nice to get as much natural light into the house as possible while avoiding glare.

When the sun goes down its a different matter. An overall light level for [read more…]

Gates for Sloping Driveways


If you have a sloping drive it can be difficult to install a gate.

One option is to install a sliding gate which rolls to one side. These although expensive can work quite well if the whole of the front is level and you have plenty of room between the driveway and the path to [read more…]

Garden Statue – Win

Fair Dinkum Aussie

I have occasionally put a statue in the garden,

Normally one of those slightly abstract figures, or a Budda, from Bunnings……..but nothing like this:

Life sized statues of; an Aboriginal man , a Kangaroo, and an Emu together with a map of Australia and the words “Fair Dinkum Aussies”

It might not be to everyone’s [read more…]

Using Your Own Tradies

When you look at some of the prices that builders charge for things it makes you wonder if you can get things cheaper by employing your own tradies during the build.

Examples are things like:

Refrigerated air conditioning. Extra lighting. High end bathroom fixtures.

Unfortunately its not always that simple. Some builder will allow you [read more…]

The Best House Shape


When you are looking at builders web sites the main things you can look at besides Facades are Floor Plans………But what is the best shape for the overall house?

Making good use of Winter Sun

If you have a Well Orientated site (Longest dimension runs East West) and you are not Shaded by tall trees [read more…]

Cubby House – Fail

cubby house fail

What do you think of this Cubby House that someone built in their garden, soon after moving in?

Well it looks pretty good…………………………. Solidly constructed building, nice colourful paint job, and securely bolted down to a convenient concrete slab.

So why is it a Fail?

Well have a look at this close up of [read more…]