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Brickwork Fail 2

brickwork fail 2

I walk past this brick wall almost every day. To me its wrong on so many levels!

Bricks are meant to be laid with a bond rather than stacked like this as it makes a stronger job. To be able to get away with this effect you need accurate, even brickwork as stacking really [read more…]


Manhole Cover

When I started in the drainage business 40 years ago we called them Manholes.

Since then due to political correctness we have had; Person Holes, Access Points, Inspection Pits, but now we seem to be coming back to calling them Manholes.

We are not talking about the small inspection covers less than 300mm across [read more…]


Aircraft Noise (2)

Noise pollution should be an issue to check when choosing a block.

Relatively low noise levels can affect how you enjoy your garden and allfresco areas. Bad noise can spoil your enjoyment inside as well. (We rented for a few months near a railway and would miss 3-4 lines of TV dialogue every time a [read more…]

Tree Selection – Fail

tree fail

The sight of this Norfolk pine towering over this single storey house caused me to stop the car!

And the tree is only half grown.

It breaks RULE 2 of suburban tree selection – “Don’t get a tree that grows to more than 50% taller than your house.”

(Rule 1 is “Read [read more…]

Post Contract Variations

The best advice I can give is:

“Avoid making Post Contract Variations” The reasons are:


Basically the builder holds all the cards once the contract is signed.

They can quote you the top price for the change… a percentage for the variation which you will find in your [read more…]

Subdivision Costs

Are you thinking about splitting an existing house block to get a 2nd house block for free?………..Well it might be cheap compared with an existing block in the same area, but it won’t be free!

The costs can easily exceed $20,000 for a simple dividing a single block in two.

Below are some indications of [read more…]

Post Number 300 – Most Popular Posts

Welcome to this the 300th Post on the anewhouse Web Site.

The site is currently getting around 4,900 visits a month with over 14,500 pages viewed each month.

Of those page visits the top 5 most popular pages (apart from the home page) are:

Room Height – the leader 424 visits in the month. Construction [read more…]

Roller Shutters – Fail

roller shutter 2

Sorry if you like them……….. but I just don’t get roller shutters!

To me they just say someone has got it wrong.

You have a house built with nice big windows and then you install shutters.

Either the orientation is wrong,….or if its a security measure you bought in the wrong neighbourhood!

As [read more…]