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Removals -The Easier Way

A guest post from Stephen Hodges of Easier Move

So it’s moving time to your new house.

This phrase can conjure up images of previous terrible moves that took all weekend, caused arguments about how items should be packed or the dreaded plan of ‘doing it ourselves, cause how hard can it be?

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Can You Build On The Boundary?

I have previously talked about Setbacks but with certain limitations it is possible to build on the boundary.Generally rules about building on a boundary apply to all buildings constructed on or within 150mm of a side boundary.

Typical Rules

Walls of a building including carports can be constructed to the side or rear boundary of [read more…]

Fake Grass – Real Weeds – Fail


This is a reminder that artificial grass is a low maintenance surface Not A No Maintenance surface.

The trouble with weeds in artificial grass is that once the roots get into the backing fabric its a major issue to get rid of them!

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Underground Pipes


It’s important to make sure you are getting the right type of pipes and fittings that will be underground… don’t want to be digging them up in case of blockages.


Some plumbers will want to use and bury 90 mm diameter rainwater pipes, basically plastic downpipes.

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When you are buying a block one of the issues that controls what you can put on a block is the Setbacks of the main structure.

Setbacks vary from council to council and can also vary between neighbourhoods in a council area.

To give you an idea here are typical Setbacks:

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House Photo – Fail

Black sock on the railing—The universal symbol for a depressing one-night stand

Black sock on the railing—The universal symbol for a depressing one-night stand

Do you get fed up with all those pictures in the magazines about fancy houses that are unattainable to the rest of us?

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Fire Risk


Understandably there is a lot of talk about Bush Fires at this time of the year…….. but did you know that in a typical year there are around 13,000 domestic fires in Australia.

There are also around 80 deaths a year which fire brigades describe as preventable!


The top causes according to the [read more…]

Building Envelope

If you need to fit a large House onto a small block one of the issues you will have to deal with is ‘The Building Envelope”.

What this means is the actual area within your title boundaries that is legally and physically possible to build on.

The building envelope can be affected (reduced) by:

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