Damp Proof Course (DPC)

DPC Brick Veneer

The purpose of the outer skin of a building is to keep moisture out of the house structure.

A damp proof course, in the brick veneer example shown below, has two purposes:

It prevents moisture from the ground rising up through the external brick skin. (This moisture can cause effervescence which stains the brickwork) It [read more…]

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Subdivision – Process

Found a big block and would like to split it into two? ……… or just looking to build another house on your block?……….You are going to need to subdivide the block.

Here is an idea of the process for Victoria (It will be similar in other states but check with your local council to make [read more…]

Hello Kitty House

hello kitty house

My daughter, who is 30, still likes Hello Kitty Products.

If your daughter likes Hello Kitty perhaps this is the house for her.

I know this, talking about girls, sounds prejudiced, but “I stereotype its faster”. (Quote from one of my favorite films In The Air)

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Tree Roots in Sewers and Drains

roots in sewer

If you are wondering what this photo is about, its been taken from the inside of a 100mm sewer pipe with a CCTV camera.

What it shows is the pipe is almost completely blocked with roots that have penetrated the pipe joints.

If you think all these roots are quite thin then have a [read more…]

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stage 4 fixing

A lot of people say Gyprock, but this is really a manufacturers name, so the correct name is Plasterboard.

So plasterboard is plasterboard right?……………………Actually wrong there are quite a wide range of plasterboard options available.

Perhaps you should consider alternative products if you are having a custom house built.

Even if you are [read more…]

Kitchen Fail


Do you like this kitchen? …………The photo is from Kitchy Living

In the 1960’s this was probably the height of fashion!

I wonder what people will think of todays fashionable kitchens in 20-30 years?


For more Unusual ‘Houses’ go to What the………………….?


by [read more…]

Sink or Cook Top on Island

hob-on island

I see a lot of island kitchens in display homes and when visiting friends……..one thing that puzzles me is that they all have the sink in the island unit.

In my opinion it’s better to have the cooktop on the island (like the above photo) and the sink under a window, or wall, for [read more…]

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Lightweight external wall cladding


Weatherboard Cement sheeting Lightweight Renders by