Renovation and Home Design

Planning the Laundry


In England the washing machine and dryer are generally in the kitchen.

As a consequence the laundry in our first house we built was tiny. It was just big enough to fit the washing machine, dryer, laundry trough, and a walkway about 800mm wide to the back door.

After ten years in that house [read more…]

Bell Trap – Win


See what I have to deal with when calling on people to organise sewer inspections……a bell push set in a rabbit trap!

Do you think the house owner has had too many people calling to ‘Save Their Souls’.

Or they just don’t like their relatives?

With some trepidation I did press the button, to [read more…]

Living While you Build – Cost

Living costs during the time your new house build can be much more expensive than after you have moved in. Its well worth planning for the additional expense.

Why is it expensive?

Well you will have either a mortgage or rent on where you live now, You will also be paying the mortgage on your [read more…]

Seasons Greetings

snow house

  A little bit different from the typical Christmas Snowman picture…….A snow house!

I would like to wish all site visitors





This picture comes from the Canadian Habitat for Humanity Website. (although the link is to the Australian Site).


Habitat for Humanity [read more…]

Concrete – Pavement Joints 2

Expansion Joint

Contraction Joints have been previously described in Pavement Joints 1

The second most common form of Joint is the Expansion, or Isolation Joint.

Although concrete does shrink as it cures, in hot weather it will expand.

Unless an allowance is made for the expansion the concrete paving can push foundations. In long runs of concrete [read more…]

READ the small print


I’ve been driving past this lighting store with the Closing Down board outside for the last year.

It was only last week when I had a job in the area, and I was walking, that I had the chance to look more closely at the board.

This is a a photo of the [read more…]

Roof Choice – Risk

Low Risk Roof

Something you might never have thought about when thinking about the sort of roof that you want on your new house is Risk.

Low Risk

A conventional roof which slopes to the outside can be considered to be a low risk roof.

In severe weather conditions heavy rain can exceed the capacity of the [read more…]

Internal Doors


Most internal doors these days are of lightweight composite construction. Basically a light timber framework with two hardboard ‘skins’ and a cardboard honeycomb filler.

Not the best thing is you have got teenagers who love slamming doors !

These type of doors are really inexpensive……………..

I recently replaced a damaged door and the door cost [read more…]