Levitation Bed


What do you think of this bed?

It certainly looks very “Star Trek”

I can see a few problems:

It would be very complicated and expensive….you couldn’t install this bed in a conventional brick veneer house as the timber frame wouldn’t be able to support it! Once it was installed you wouldn’t [read more…]

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anewhouse blog 2nd Birthday


Well it’s the anewhouse blogs’s 2nd birthday this week.

As well as that milestone this week I have also:

Made my 250th Post. Sold my 250th anewhouse Guide. Got to a page view rate of 12,000 per month.

To all who have visited the blog and especially those who have bought one of the [read more…]

What Sort of Plan?

Buying Land…….There are several sorts of Plans/ Surveys of your Block to think about before you can start building a house.

Here is a guide to the various plans based on the same block:

Title Plan

Title Plans are the legal document that describes the land. Initially they are usually the only plan that is [read more…]

Concrete – Pavement Joints 1

Contraction Joint

I have previously talked about Concrete Cracking …….but how do you stop random cracking across your driveway concrete?

Well the best way is to control cracking by making sure it cracks where you want it to and the cracks are neat.

To do this you need ‘joints’ which ensure the cracks in the right place.

[read more…]

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Curtain Fail


OK plenty of people put sheets on their windows when they first move in.

I have even done it myself.

The reason why I highlighted this house is because this is a top end, custom built, massive house and these sheets have been in the window for at least 2 years.

Wouldn’t it have [read more…]

Rainwater Tank – Inlet Improvements

Tank Inlet improvement 1

In Understanding Tank Water Quality I explained that most tank inlets mix the dirtier incoming water with the cleanest water at the top of the tank.

So what can you do?

Its not as simple as just extending the inlet pipe to the bottom…..The jet of water will create turbulence in the anaerobic zone with [read more…]