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Insulation – Heat loss Suspended Timber Floor

I have previously posted about the Heat Loss from a Slab Floor so how does that compare with a suspended timber, or particle board, floor?

Well its not as bad as you might think because the the space under the floor acts as a Buffer Zone between the room and the external temperature. (Unless you [read more…]

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Building on Fill – Screw Piles

steelpile-screw simple

I have previously posted about building on fill using Concrete Piers.

Well one alternative to constructing concrete piers is to use Screw Piles such as the one to the right.

These are made from a steel tube with:

A cutting edge on the bottom. A spiral plate close to the bottom. A keyway at [read more…]

Arch Window Fail

Arch window fail

This arched window is a shocker.

The arch is one of the most basic structural forms being simple and exceptionally strong.

Besides the curve of the arch the basic principle is the arch springs from a solid support, like this example to the right.

The first window has the arch supported [read more…]

Insulation – Heat Loss Slab On Ground

Why is there less fuss about insulation under a concrete raft slab than ceilings and walls?…………well here are a few interesting facts:

A thick layer of earth provides a reasonable amount of insulation. The soil contributes to the thermal mass of the structure which helps smooth out any temperature variations. The temperature of the ground [read more…]

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Letter Box Fail

secret mail box 1

Can you see the mail box?

Do you think the people in this house don’t like to get post?………or do they like to give their postie a challenge?

The only way to deliver a letter is to push the bush aside.

The Your letter box post explains what you should provide.

Have you [read more…]

Why Aggi Drainage Pipes Have Slots In The Base

Aggi Drain 2

A lot of people aren’t sure how drainage pipes work.

“Why doesn’t the water run out of the slots at the bottom?” is a question that many people ask.

The pipes work on the principle that the soil/gravel around the pipe is water logged. This water drains into the pipe as the [read more…]

If The Builder Goes Bust


House Building can be a high risk business………… what happens if the builder of your new house goes bust?


Your house building contract should have clauses included for the eventuality of the builder becoming insolvent. Read the contract carefully but make sure you get in touch with your solicitor.

There should also be [read more…]

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Builder Bankruptcy – Getting Information Together


Well if you have followed the advice of the previous Bankruptcy Post you should have stopped all payments and made the site secure, to protect the money you have previously paid.

The next step is to get all the information about the build together including:

The original contract documents including, The Drawings and, The [read more…]