Renovation and Home Design

Facade Fail


Wood Columns….

Stone Columns…..


Painted Board……

Flat Roof…….

Pitched Tile Roof……

This House looks like it’s in a competition to get as many different materials in the Facade.

It’s a display home……….another attempt to make it look different…………To me it just look a confused mess!


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Conventional Raft Slab

conventional raft

A ‘Conventional’ Raft Slab is a concrete base with thickened beams laid directly on the base.

This photo shows the base covered in poly and with reinforcement in position ready for placing of concrete.

Advantages Better thermal mass, and incorporates thermal mass of ground so better suited to passive solar design. Less susceptible to bad [read more…]

Want a Flat Roof ?


When thinking about a flat roof for your new home my advice is….. roof can be:

Flat. Inexpensive. Have a long leak free life.


Sounds harsh but my experience, and others I have talked to, confirms this opinion.

My personal experience with a flat roof was my parents house [read more…]

Home In A Box

shelter box

This doesn’t look much like a house does it?

But in a disaster it can be a lifesaver.

Its a SHELTER BOX, a Rotary International Initiative

Each box contains a tent, sleeping bags and cooking equipment for a family.

It can be easily airlifted to anywhere in the world.

As well as being [read more…]

Interior Fashion

Avocado Bathroom

When we looked at remodelling our first house in 1976 the fashion colours for bathrooms fittings were avocado and sepia.

I really thought avocado would look nice………How very 70’s, or even how very early 70’s! (Thanks to Flame Interiors for the photo)

It was a good thing we decided to stick with white! [read more…]

Waffle Pod Raft Slab

waffle pod slab

A ‘Waffle Pod’ slab is now probably the most common Concrete ‘Raft’ House base. Its generally taken over from the Conventional Raft Foundation.

It’s an example of composite construction with polystyrene pods forming voids in the underside of the concrete ‘Waffle’.

This photo shows the pods, with the reinforcement placed over them, prior to placing [read more…]

Green Roof




How would you like to be mowing the roof of this house?


This is a ‘Green Roof’ something which is quite common in many Northern Hemisphere Countries but not so common in Australia.


They can work well in keeping a house warm with around 2-300mm of soil providing good insulation.

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Building On Sand

Sand Erosion house

Building on sand at first seems to be an issue…… although I have heard it said that sand is actually the easiest ‘soil to build on.

If you live in West Australia there is a good chance that your house will be on sand so there is plenty of experience around .

Raft Foundations

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