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Retaining Wall Drainage

impermeable retaining wall export

I’ve previously posted about the importance of Drainage Behind a Retaining Wall to minimise the forces acting on the wall…. here is some advice on how to make sure it works.

The first thing to consider is this is drainage of the water in the soil. You should aim to properly drain surface water away [read more…]

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Perforated House

Perforated House 2

Have you seen anything like this before?

It called the perforated house and its located in a suburban street in Melbourne.

The idea is the pattern on the facade is based on the other houses on the street.

Its a perforated house because the pattern isn’t done using paint. It’s achieved by drilling thousands [read more…]

Your New House Contract

The most important document you sign is the ‘New Home Contract’. This document describes the house to be constructed and provides remedies to deal with any defaults by the builder or the house owner. The more you understand the contents of this document the better you can sleep at night.

This post will briefly describe [read more…]

Battleaxe Block


Have you seen a Battleaxe Block advertised and wondered what it is?………….Well it is a block that only has a 3-4m frontage on the street.

Often these blocks are as a result of subdividing a long block with the rear block then becoming the ‘Battleaxe blockā€ – coloured brown as in this plan.

In [read more…]

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Container Hotel


Wondered about building a house from shipping containers?…… or just living in a container while your house is built.

In China they have built a 5 star hotel out of containers.

The hotel is located at a rural village outside of Changzhi in China.

Thanks to Jetson Green for the information. You will also [read more…]

Building On Clay Soils


Clay is a fairly common soil type. Although it is quite suitable for building one issue is that it can shrink or swell depending on the level of moisture. This can lead to the following problems:


Subsidence or settlement is when the building foundation drops, caused by the loss of support of the site [read more…]

Roof Space – Access


One of the things that frequently gets forgotten is the hatch that gives access to the roof space.


The usual location is in the corridor to the secondary bedrooms.

It doesn’t seem that important but when you need the heating serviced, electrical alterations, plumbing alterations, etc, you are going [read more…]

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Street Numbering – Win!


You would think that some houses were owned by secret agents as there are no traces of a street number.

You couldn’t accuse either of the properties featured in this post of being shy about letting people know the house number.

I particularly like the one below with the numbers fabricated out of Corten [read more…]