Renovation and Home Design

Display House Window Fail


Two of the things that the human eye likes are:

Symmetry. Regular repeated patterns.

For example:

If you split something down the middle the left side is a mirror image of the right. If you are going to have several windows keep them the same.

It’s a pity no one explained the above to [read more…]



If you go back 20 years most houses had proper eaves but now they are less common. As I travel around I sometimes see new houses with eaves on the front facade but non elsewhere which I think looks weird.

If you are thinking about Eaves on your new house here are some advantages [read more…]

Render or Brick?


Rendering is becoming fairly popular at the moment……………… However I think “Why pay more for a something that is only going to require painting in the future?”

As my old woodworking teacher once told me “There’s nothing wrong with being lazy as long as you are intelligently lazy. That means getting the job done but [read more…]

Beer Bottle – Recycling


I was walking along a street the other day and saw this unique garden edging…….Upturned beer bottles.

Apart from showing everybody how much you drink I don’t think its very safe if you slip when you are digging…… all that broken glass.

Although looking at the flower beds I don’t think much digging is [read more…]

Geotextile around Drainage Pipes


When researching about installing agricultural drains you will find some books recommend that you place a geotextile in the trench before the initial gravel and then wrap the geotextile over the gravel afterwards. Its something I used to do.

You can also buy agi pipe with a geotextile “sock’ around it like this:

The [read more…]

Retaining Wall Fairness

retaining wall export 3

In Western Australia subdivisions are usually completed with retaining walls in place on the boundary so that all blocks are level.

For the rest of us if we are faced with a sloping site a retaining wall may be needed before you can build…………..but who pays?

Here are a few examples

Block A is sloping [read more…]

Lego House Fail


Was this house design based on a model made using lego bricks?

Is it based on a Picasso Cubist Painting?

Did they just get a load of boxes and throw them in the air?

Whichever method they have used it seems one of the weirdest houses I have seen recently.


For [read more…]

Agricultural Drains

Aggi Pipe

Agricultural drains (often called aggi drains) are used to:

Drain waterlogged ground. Avoid soil Heave by keeping your foundations dry (see this Link: Protect foundations) Keep the soil behindRetaing Walls dry. (see this link: Retaining Walls)

In the old days agricultural drains used to be constructed out of short lengths of clay pipe butted together [read more…]