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Understanding your Survey Plan

Site Plan bitmap

I’m used to look at survey plans but I do understand that most people struggle to understand them. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the survey plan for your new house.

The plan below shows a survey plan for the block previously mentioned in the Title Plan Post. It doesn’t include the [read more…]

Door Opening

Door Opening

One of the small things that can really make a difference to your house is how doors open……..but its one thing that is frequently forgotten.

This sketch shows a typical bedroom and ensuite layout. (I know it doesn’t show the wardrobe but I’m trying to keep it simple)

A couple of things you need [read more…]

Boundary Fence Fail

Berlin Wall rebuilt

Driving along a quiet Werribee Street the other day I had to stop to take a picture of this!

Are they trying to recreate the Berlin Wall?

Is it a World War 2 Buff trying to create his own Colditz?

Is that square cover in the nature strip the escape tunnel exit?

All it [read more…]

Don’t Over Develop

overdevelopment 2


I’ve heard people say that they have got the best house on the street……………………..but when you see it, its got the smallest garden, or sometimes no garden at all. They have overdeveloped and spent money they will never get back.

This photo shows one example. The house must be around 800-1,000sqm [read more…]

Understanding Retaining Walls

retaining wall

Its quite usual when you have a sloping site to need a retaining wall to make the land you build on level, or just have a flat garden.

Retaining walls however are not simple structures. They have to withstand significant loads and need to be properly designed and constructed to avoid failure.

Loads On [read more…]

Antique and Collectables Fair 2012

Antiques & Collectables (640x429)

Want to get an usual print for the wall in your new house?……..or an unusual ornament for that display case?

For details of the 2013 event go to:

Antique and Collectables Fair 2013 This link will tell you more about Rotary by [read more…]

Car House

VW Beetle House 2

Like your car so much you want to sleep in it?

Well the owner of this house loved his VW Beetle so much he built his house to look like the car.

He must have been very keen as I understand the cost was over $1.5million.

The house is in Austria.

If you want [read more…]

Water Views? or Flood Risk?


Lots of people want water views ………….but if the water view is a River, or even a Small Creek, there can be a flooding risk.

The quiet creek in this photo is about 300mm deep and 3m wide. After a couple of days of rain it can be 3m deep and 30m wide.

The [read more…]