Wilderness – Pass ? or Fail ?

Wilderness society 1

I saw this “No Junk Mail” sticker on a house mail box in the western suburbs the other day!

I thought it really appropriate that it was a Wilderness Society sticker.

Want to know Why?

Well have a look at the house that the mail box belongs to:

There doesn’t seem any shortage [read more…]

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Glanced Light – Wall and Ceiling Imperfections

Glanced Light

Glanced Light can be an issue with modern construction techniques…….. so what does is mean?

Well when light strikes a surface at a flat angle like in this first sketch alongside its said to be a glancing angle.

Because of the angle any imperfections in the surface cause shadows that make the defect more [read more…]

Considering Owner Building?

Are you considering owner building to save money? Is it the only way you can afford your dream? Perhaps you want to be able to have more choice with fittings and appliances.

Well I have almost 40 years in Construction engineering and I have been happy to use building companies for my three new houses. [read more…]

Different Painting Ideas

different walls 1

Want a different look to your house?

Well how about this ?

It’s called Tromp L’Oeil. Google this phrase words and you should see some great examples.

This one looks very professional, but if you take your time it’s quite possible to get a good result.

About 25 years ago we did our daughter’s [read more…]

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Your Garage – A Fire Risk?


How big a fire risk is your garage?

Well in my garage there are the following fuel sources

50Litres of Petrol. (in the car) A litre of white spirit. A litre turps substitute. 2 x 5kg gas bottles. Several tins of half used gloss and enamel paint. Large box of scrap wood. Various cardboard [read more…]

Concrete – What is It?


Concrete is an artificial stone with four ingredients that all contribute to the overall strength.

Large stones (Aggregate) – The aggregate provides shear strength to the concrete. In other words the concrete has to crack around rather than through the stones. A good aggregate will have a mix of stone sizes rather than just [read more…]