Renovation and Home Design

Triangular Small House


People complain about the cost of land in Australia but land in Japan must be very expensive for someone to want to build on a 30sqm triangular block.

Although these photographs make the house look very narrow is does get a bit wider towards the back.

You can find more photographs on [read more…]

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Choosing a Spade

choosing a spade

A spade is probably the most important tool in gardening so its worth getting a good one.

Few tools are more crucial to gardening than a durable, sturdy garden spade. You don’t want to get something that looks OK but breaks in half or bends the first time it is used, or is [read more…]

Why I Used Jenman System Agents To Sell


Unless your new house is the first house you own you are going to have to sell your existing house.

Lots of people in Melbourne use auctions but I have never been very keen on that approach.

We have now sold two houses using Jenman System Agents and have been very satisfied.

We recently [read more…]

Ship House


This is not just a house that looks like a ship…..Its actually part of a ship that has been lifted onto a cliff overlooking a lake.

The ship was called the Benson Ford, owned by the Ford Motor company, it was used to transport iron ore and coal through the Great Lakes to the [read more…]

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Live While You Build – Location

When you are getting your new house built do you carry on living in your existing house or move into a rented house.?

We have only ever built new houses when we have relocated for work, so its always been sell where we live and move into rental accommodation close to work and the new [read more…]

Five Interior Design Improvements You Can Make

Post contributed by Emma Lamb, on behalf of Steel-line

Improving the interior of a home can enhance your enjoyment of your surroundings as well as add value to the house. Whether making a small change or planning a substantial renovation, you can dramatically alter the way you live for the better.

The following alterations are [read more…]

Letter Boxes – Is Bigger Better?

big letter box 3


One of the big signs to potential burglars that there is no one at home is a letter box stuffed with post and junk mail after its gone dark in the evening.  

In a recent post about letter boxes I talked about minimum sizes. After seeing a couple of larger letter boxes I [read more…]

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Removal Boxes


Some people have enough money when they move to pay for someone to do the removals including packing up all the stuff.  

Most times when I have moved (18 times) I have spent a lot of money on the house and want to save cash for the garden so I have moved myself. [read more…]