Mexican Whale

Mexican whale

I’m not sure whether this looks like a Whale to me . . . . but that is what the architect says this house is!

mexican whale 2
Here is a view of the inside which looks quite cosy.

I wonder if the owner is called Jonah :)

The architect is Javier Senosiain and his company is called Arquitectura Organica.

If you check out his website at the above link you will find many more strange buildings.



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Large or ‘Character’

Lots of people say they like character . . . . but build houses with these huge open plan living rooms.

Some of the display houses I see do look light and airy. . . . but to me have all the character of an airport terminal, unlike this smaller living room.

One of the things about smaller rooms is they need a lot more thought about getting things in.

The various features add interest.

The same furniture would look lost in a bigger room and the features would not be as apparent.


What do you think?


Eclectic Living Room by Alexandra
Torre Design & Interiors

Photos courtesy of

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Fence Disputes

FenceThe Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) has revealed the consistent No 1 dispute has been fencing.

In fact fencing counts for around one third of all of their top ten disputes.

In 2013-4 there were fence 6,489 disputes, slightly above the long term average of  6,301.

So how can you minimise the chance of a dispute?

Get Agreement

Make sure you try to get agreement from your neighbour when planning to build a fence. . . . even if you intend to cover the whole cost yourself.

Both parties are generally required to contribute equally to construction costs for a fence that meets the minimum standard.

If the land is vacant, or a tenant won’t provide details of the landowner, then local councils are allowed to provide landowner contact details on fencing matters.

Type of Fence

The minimum standard is “sufficient” based on one or more of the following

  • Existing fence type
  • Any Developer Rules
  • Usual fence type in the neighbourhood
  • Purpose for which you and your neighbours are using the land

If you want a more expensive fence then you will have to meet extra costs.


If you can’t reach agreement, either you or your neighbour will be able seek an order from a Magistrates’ Court specifying what fence will be built, and how costs will be shared.

Check Your State’s Laws

The above was built based on Victorian Legislation but most states have fairly similar laws.

A good place to check is Fencing Online – A great site for explaining the laws relating to fencing for each state.



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My Little Pony House

No I am not a ‘Brony’ (male who enjoys  ‘My Little Pony’ ) but I had to watch plenty of those cartoons with my daughter. . . . And soon to watch again with my grandaughter.

This photo did remind me of those times.


The picture is from a website called Ugly Belgian Houses which does  feature some shockers.


For more Unusual House Photos, Wins, and Fails, have a look at: What the………………….?




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PCI Guide – New 4th Edition

I have just completed the 4th edition of this best selling E Book.


This Revision includes:

  • Extra Check Lists
  • Even more advice on what to look for
  • New Section on removals with Checklists




Previous Purchasers

  • All those who bought the previous edition between 1st July 2015 and today should have already received a Free Update by Email.
  • If you have bought the E-book before 1st July 2015 and would like a Free Copy of this edition send an Email to with a copy of the file for the previous edition attached and I will send you a Free Copy.

Still Only $4


Be prepared for your PCI


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Strange Wood Heater Location

Harman Oakwood Wood Stove

This photograph shows an attractive antique looking wood heater which I found on . . . but its location looks very odd to me:

  • As it has been placed in front of varnished timber it has had to be placed well away from the corner meaning it’s taking a lot of space away from the room.
  • A large proportion of the radiant heat from the stove, and the stove pipe, will be lost through those windows behind it.
  • Any attempt to reduce the heat loss through those windows by curtains will increase the fire risk.

You need to remember that wood heater efficiency isn’t just about the stove. . . . it’s also about the location.



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A New Building Service

Sponsored Post

Although I get a lot of visitors to this site, and sell a lot of books, many people do prefer a more personalised help when planning a new home build. . . . . . One business that has been started to fill this gap is ‘Before You Build‘.
johanna Mendoza_before you build
This company, started by Jhoanna Mendoza, aims to step buyers through the whole new home process.

Their 5-step assistance includes:

  1. Finding out more about your intended builder
  2. Understanding your house building contract and the building process
  3. Knowing whats included in the price and making sure you don’t break the budget on ‘Extras’
  4. Considering the quality of the house
  5. Having adequate compensation for delays

This process will:

  • Explain the potential risks of building your home
  • Give you an understanding of the consequences of problems occurring
  • Show you how your risks can be minimised.

During this process Before You Build will be incorporating the anewhouse guides so the extensive checklists will be available, with additional detailed explanations.

Remember  “Prevention is better than Cure”before you build logo

Jhoanna is based in Canberra; where she is able to  provide face to face consultations; she can also provide her service interstate via Skype, phone, and E-mail.

Check their website, at this link: for more information. Before You Build also offers free initial consultation.



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Want To Know More? . . . . Why not buy ANEWHOUSE Guide? ONLY $4

5 mistakes to avoid when building your dream home

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

gjgardner display-homesIf you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to build your dream home, this can be a wonderful experience.

However, it is common for inexperienced homeowners to make lapses in their judgment when they are making decisions that are affecting the build of their home.

Below are a few common mistakes that we recommend avoiding when you are building ‘your dream home’.

Don’t Choose The Wrong Builder

It sounds obvious, but if you start off with the wrong builder, then you are on a course for disappointment.

Make sure you do thorough research on the builder that you are considering going with.

Find out as much information about the licenses that they hold and review the work that they have conducted over the last 12 months.

Find out as much as you can about the builder’s credibility to avoid falling into the trap of some building horror stories.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the builder’s team will communicate strongly with you .

The builder needs to convey that you can have confidence during the building process.

If you feel insecure about making a decision with going with a particular builder, follow your gut feeling and don’t go with them.

Don’t Just Focus On The Cheapest Option

Just as important as not choosing the wrong builder is automatically choosing the cheapest option.

Look into the details provided with the price to avoid any surprise costs that may arise in the future.

When looking into the details, find out as much information about the quality of the materials and building work that will be conducted.

If the quote sounds too good to be true, it possibly may be.

Check the details thoroughly!

Plan The Use Of Space Well

The impacts from the way the space is being used can be challenging.

Even though it may appear to be good on paper or in the display home, when you move into the home you will notice the convenience (or inconvenience) of the layout of the home.

These may include the following:

Kitchen Location

A kitchen that is placed a long way from the front door or garage can cause an inconvenience when the household goes on its routine grocery run.

Rather than making a shorter convenient trip, the kitchen may be placed in an inconvenient location when carrying heavy bags from the garage to the kitchen.

Toilet Location

You don’t want an unwanted elephant in the room (if you catch the drift!) Research and plan the toilet  to offer people privacy and to avoid any unwanted ‘shared experience’ that the toilet may offer.

Locations of Bedrooms

This is crucial if you want to make sure you get a good night’s sleep every night. Think carefully about the placement of the bedrooms in relation to external noise.

West facing bedrooms are best avoided as they can easily overheat on summer evenings.

You may want an infants bedroom to be close to yours, while teenage children may be better at the opposite end of the house!

Plan Natural & Artificial Lighting For A Well Lit Home

There’s nothing more annoying, and depressing, than being inside a badly lit house.

Plan to make as much use of natural light as possible.

Consult with your builder about how you can use windows, shutters  to control the natural lighting of the home.

Furthermore; ensure that the internal light installation will to keep rooms well lit in the evenings.

Should you want to adjust the lighting to change the ambiance, consider installing dimmers for your lighting needs.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to avoid making mistakes during the building phase of your dream home and will allow you to move in worry free.

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